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Cut-Off Type LPG Cylinder Valve

LPG REGULATOR Cut-Off Type LPG Cylinder valve

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Valve description and operation

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        LPG Cylinder valve is a control device for gas cylinder, it’s basic function is to open or cut off the flow of the gas inside the cylinder and maintain the gas cylinders in good operation. YUANFENG produces four types of LPG cylinder, Normal Type, Economical Type, Cut-off Type, and Smart Type.

        Most Safety
        High strength
        Less resistance
        Corrosion resistance
        Noise insulation
        Easy to install
        Long life
        Colors:silver, yellow or others buyer required
        OEM/ODM available Light Weight, Low Cost, Economical

Cut-Off Type LPG Cylinder valve

        As the normal type LPG cylinder valve,Cut-Off type LPG cylinder valve is also used as on/off function, but this type of valve has a special safety device which can cut off the gas flow automatically, the valve can only be opened only when the mounted pressure regulator is in proper working condition, it can prevent the gas leaking out from the cylinder through the valve when it is turned on and the pressure regulator shedding or damaged. It conforms to GB 7512-2006 about LPG Cylinders Standard, We have two different sizes according to different working conditions, please refer to the technical table as follows:

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Technical Table
Size No.Core ThreadDNSq-Part HeightL1L2Nech-Part Thread d0
Size No.MPNBody Material   

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